My artist studio is located in my home in Adelaide, South Australia.


In February 2019, I caught the Marie Kondo bug.  I fully cleaned out my garage, (the before shots are a right state), and set up a new studio in this space.  There are some structural things that need attention: lighting, air conditioning, replacing the garage door.  The lighting has just been done!!!! This is how I feel about the new lighting:

I am, however,  really enjoying the real feeling of having more space. High ceilings help.  And I’m not worrying about getting oil paint on the floor or walls (my previous studio was a normal room in my home).

Luckily the garage is under the main roof.  Aside from the ancient garage door and the beer fridge, it has the feel and presence of a normal room.  I am constantly fighting the urge to have more furniture creep into the studio.  This is working, because as soon as I start to feel cramped, whatever I just added has to go.  So I can paint!