My artist studio is located in my home in Adelaide, South Australia.

Painting for my solo “Flora Australis”, my moody lounge series, very autumnal vibes

Elisabeth painting “Majestic Banksia Aria“, oil on canvas, 120 x 150cm

Painting in action for SALA 2021

Mixing Impasto

Mixing Impasto – photo by Michael Tock-Chin

At work in my studio

Just after I moved into my new studio in February 2018

In February 2018, I caught the Marie Kondo bug.  I fully cleaned out my garage, (the before shots are a right state), and set up a new studio in this space.  There are some structural things that need attention: lighting, air conditioning, replacing the garage door.  The lighting has just been done!!!! This is how I feel about the new lighting:

I am, however,  really enjoying the real feeling of having more space. High ceilings help.  And I’m not worrying about getting oil paint on the floor or walls (my previous studio was a normal room in my home).

Luckily the garage is under the main roof.  Aside from the ancient garage door and the beer fridge, it has the feel and presence of a normal room.  I am constantly fighting the urge to have more furniture creep into the studio.  This is working, because as soon as I start to feel cramped, whatever I just added has to go.  So I can paint!

I regularly shift things around in the studio to make it work for my current paintings.

Latest configuration showing shelf reorganisation! I know where everything is …

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