Elisabeth’s work at Art Images Gallery, “Still Amazing” SALA exhibition, artist’s sold out exhibition, August 2018


I am artist, an oil painter. I apply oil paint using hog hair brushes, onto stretched canvas. I work in a painterly, modern and distinctive style, using thick oil paint to emphasise the impression of each brushstroke. I seek beauty, particularly in the decorative form.

I paint portraits, those of people’s faces, and of flowers. I paint flowers as they sit in nature, flower ‘close ups’ and bouquets, which I regularly arrange.  In painting the colours, shapes and contours of a person’s face, I reveal my interpretation of the essence of the person, on canvas.

I am captivated by the beauty that surrounds me; the faces of people, the graceful forms of flowers, and the beauty of the natural world. I study and translate details: form, colour, line, pattern and movement.

I capture the elegant forms of nature, beauty: as I see it, on canvas, and share my work with those seeking to beautify their lives.


Elisabeth Howlett is an artist, an oil painter, working from her studio in Adelaide, South Australia.

She applies impasto style oil paint using hog hair brushes onto canvas. Her works reflect a painterly but modern style. Using thick oil paint to emphasise the impression of each brushstroke, the artist leaves an array of texture, movement and light on the canvas.

At school Elisabeth had aspirations of being a fashion designer, but decided on an academic journey. Trained in law, Elisabeth spent the majority of her legal career on matters impacting the natural environment.

Once she married, Elisabeth returned to some creative pursuits, commencing printmaking in 2004, and oil painting in 2009. Her love of oils coincided with having being taught to paint traditional monotype prints. Having her two children gave Elisabeth the opportunity to develop her art practice and transition from a legal career to a career in art.

Elisabeth is captivated by the beauty that surrounds her, particularly the elegant forms of flowers. Central to her art practice is depicting flowers in their natural environment, flower ‘close ups’, and bouquets, which she regularly arranges. Elisabeth translates the beauty she sees in the world onto her canvas. Above all, she paints to bring joy to people.  The joy that the beauty of the natural world brings, in all its seasons, in all its processes, whether in full bloom, or wilting and ready to fall.  Therein lies beauty.

In March 2016, Elisabeth received a Judges Merit Award for her painting Goolwa Gum Blossom at the Goolwa Art and Photographic Exhibition. She has received an artist grants from the City of Burnside. She held her first solo exhibition at the Adelaide Botanic Garden “In Full Bloom” during SALA, August 2016. This exhibition featured a large painting of Victoria Amazonia, the Giant Waterlily, based on the waterlily in the Giant Waterlily Pavilion at the Adelaide Botanic Garden. Elisabeth enjoys regularly entering group exhibitions and art prizes to make her work known by more people.

Late 2016 focussed on #100daysofdrawing challenge. A drawing on canvas was completed each day for 100 consecutive days, and published on Instagram. Many canvases were also under-painted in acrylic. The challenge gave rise to several new series of paintings, the continuation of existing series, and a completely new body of work, after which Elisabeth completed a selection of these canvases for Flourish. Requests for these paintings have been made from interstate galleries. The challenge can be viewed on Elisabeth’s artist Instagram page: http://www.instagram.com/elisabeth_howlett_artist or on her website at: http://elisabethhowlett.com.au/?page_id=2178.

Although not a current focus, Elisabeth enjoys portraits, focussing on people’s faces, and has completed several portraits.  This might be a focus into the future.

Elisabeth’s work can be viewed here on her artist website (http://elisabethhowlett.com.au), and is for sale on Bluethumb:https://bluethumb.com.au/elisabeth-howlett, as well as various social media platforms, particularly Instagram http://www.instagram.com/elisabeth_howlett_artist and Facebook.

Elisabeth at the opening of Still Amazing SALA exhibition at Art Images Gallery 2018

Elisabeth at the Opening of Arty Party at Art Images Gallery November 2018

This is Elisabeth (centre) at the Opening of her solo exhibition Urban Blooms August 2018 with Megan and Michelle from Duthy Street Art Supplies