Elisabeth Howlett. Oil Painter.


RECENT exhibition

Pam Altschwager, Elisabeth Howlett and Amanda Berman, Opening Night, Flourish, March 2017.  Photograph courtesy of Frank Lynch of Image Construction 


My work as an oil painter is translating the beauty I see in the natural world onto canvas. Using thick (impasto) oil paint, my artistic flourish is the particular way I emphasise the texture and pattern left by the brush. My work’s focus at present is on capturing the forms of flowers, both native and exotic, and of Australian birds in their natural habitat.

In my mind, to “flourish” is to be fully alive with vigour and splendour. But there is many a flourish in the wilting flower, tired and spent.

In nature there is no choice but to flourish. But the viewer, however, is bestowed with both grace and privilege.

Being so privileged, I may see a vision, usually in an instant, a fleeting glance in my mind’s eye. It involves colour, texture and form. My joy then is to translate this vision using the physical properties of paint, canvas and brush.

Above all, I paint to bring joy. The joy that the beauty of the natural world brings, in all its seasons, in all its processes, whether in full bloom, or wilting and ready to fall. In all lies a flourish.

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