Welcome to my ONLINE ART CLASS page!

Online art classes consist of one full online lesson per week for 5 weeks.

The cost is $150 for a set of 5 classes, plus materials.  

The cost of the materials under the acrylic list is around 150 where you are able to use some materials you have at home already.  


This course is designed to suit beginners and artists at the earlier stages who are selling their work.

1) “Start Painting” will be for those who are looking forward to finally picking up a paint brush. You may have have done art a long time ago, and would like to start fresh, or you may be new to art.  I will guide you through my process for making art. You will start with a blank canvas, and complete an oil or acrylic painting, ready to hang on your wall.  I will focus on flowers, which, as you probably know, are the focus of my practice. 

2) “Mentoring” classes are for those who would like some mentoring in their current work as an artist, whether that be as a committed hobbyist, or those who are starting to sell their work.  You will probably have some images to choose from in your own collection, or draw some of your own flowers from life.


During this course, I will show you my process for completing a painting from start to finish.  I have a process I follow, developed over 5 years of professional practice. The following process will take place over 5 weeks.  

We will start with some exercises in “de-scarifying” the process of drawing, painting and generally getting marks onto a surface.  I am very much into being confident, deliberate and joyful drawing and painting.Experimentation is very much part of my practice.  

I am constantly trying out different ways of approaching the creation of art.  I will show you the approaches I have taken, and show you my latest. 

We will a draw in willow charcoal onto canvas to create a composition. Then we will under-paint the canvas with watery acrylic. At this stage, the canvas will start to look like a painting. Then we will paint the final layer in either oil or acrylic paint. Overall, I will show you quick exercises to encourage your confidence in drawing and painting. During the process I will give you all the information you need to put the above into practice, and produce paintings that you will love.


As you know my expertise is in still life; I describe my paintings as “flower portraits”.  If you would like to use fresh flowers to work from, this is great. Or if you have images of flowers you’d like to paint, this is great too.  If you would like me to provide images, I am happy to do so.  I have ‘a lot’ of images.
THE MATERIALS LIST is below. Start with the acrylic list if you like.

There are 2 lists, one for oils and one for acrylics. If you are a beginner, it is more cost effective to begin with acrylics. The essential materials are willow charcoal and putty eraser, 2 canvases, acrylic paints, brushes and acrylic impasto. A single black oil pastel is very handy also. Use a clean egg carton as a palate.


I am looking forward to painting with you! 


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