New work at Art Images Gallery for SALA 2021 exhibition “Inside / Outside”
Elisabeth’s work at Art Images Gallery, “Still Amazing” SALA exhibition, artist’s sold out exhibition, August 2018


I am artist, an impasto oil painter. I apply oil paint using hog hair brushes, onto stretched surfaces.  I work in a painterly, modern and distinctive style, using thick oil paint to emphasise the impression of each brushstroke. I seek beauty, particularly in the decorative form. I want to capture natives in bold and unexpected ways, offering a different approach to “painting flowers” to my collectors, by painting expressive flower portraits.

I paint expressive portraits of flowering Australian native flora. I apply lavish quantities of thickened oil paint to describe my subject.  I am enamoured of native flora; their ancient shapes, their crazy leaves.  Using a hog-hair paintbrush laden with impasto oil, I guide my brush, emphasising the impression left by each brushstroke to describe the ancient shapes of native flora. 

I enjoy foraging wildflowers and formulating them into ‘sculptural style’ arrangements in vases: photographing, drawing, underpainting, and then painting them in oil on canvas or linen. For my latest linen works, I draw lightly in charcoal, then paint using a limited palate onto transparent primed linen with impasto oil.  I choose to keep the background in the raw linen, to contrast starkly with the inherent beauty of my chosen subject.  

I am captivated by the beauty that surrounds me; the faces of people, the graceful forms of flowers, and the beauty of the natural world. I study and translate details: form, colour, line, pattern and movement.

I capture the elegant forms of nature, beauty: as I see it, on canvas, and share my work with those seeking to beautify their lives.

I capture the elegant forms of nature, beauty: as I see it, on canvas, and share my work with those seeking to beautify their lives.


Elisabeth Howlett is an artist, an oil painter, working from her studio in Adelaide, South Australia.

Her works reflect a painterly, unique style.  Using lavish quantities of paint to describe her subject, Elisabeth emphasises the impression of each brushstroke, leaving an array of texture, movement and light on the canvas. 

Trained in law, Elisabeth spent the majority of her legal career on matters impacting the natural environment.  She was stationed at the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide for a secondment researching the conservation of native plants and animals from a legislative perspective. Many photos were taken in the gardens.  Her love of oils coincided with having being taught to paint traditional monotype prints.  

Elisabeth commenced her practice as a professional artist in July 2014; recently having marked 5 years working as an artist.

The artist translates form, colour, line, pattern and movement, onto the canvas. Quite central to her art practice is depiction flowers, particularly arrangements in a vase, and especially foraged native flowers. The interiors of a room – fabrics, textures, colours, and surfaces inspire her, particularly within a moody interior landscape.  

Elisabeth translates the beauty she sees in the world onto her canvas. Above all, she paints to bring joy to people.  

The joy that the beauty of the natural world brings, in all its seasons, in all its processes, whether in full bloom, or wilting and ready to fall.  The character of a persons face, the firelight engaging a room. Therein lies beauty. 

In March 2016, Elisabeth received a Judges Merit Award for her painting Goolwa Gum Blossom at the Goolwa Art and Photographic Exhibition.

Elisabeth’s first solo exhibition was held at the Adelaide Botanic Garden called 

In Full Bloom” during SALA, August 2016. 

Elisabeth completed a drawing on canvas each day for 100 consecutive days in late 2016.  The accountability for the #100daysofdrawing challenge was posting the artwork on social media every day.  The challenge gave rise to a new body of work.

During March 2017, Elisabeth held an exhibition entitled “Flourish” at the National Wine Centre along with 2 other Adelaide artists and was part of a Christmas exhibition at Duthy Street Art in December of 2017 “A Few of my Favourite Things”.

Elisabeth enjoys regularly entering group exhibitions and art prizes to make her work known by more people. During 2017 and 2018, Elisabeth been sending her work to galleries and collectors interstate, particularly to NSW.  She continues to complete commissions from local and interstate collectors. 

During SALA 2018, Elisabeth held a solo exhibition at The Ark Clothing Co, Hyde Park called “Urban Blooms”. She was also part of a group show at Art Images Gallery,   Still Amazing”, her first exhibition at this gallery, which sold out.  In May 2019 she was part of a group exhibition at Inverell Art Gallery, NSW.  She showed her work again in SALA 2019 – at the Saint Ignatius Art Show and at the Art Images Gallery “Go Van Gogh” group exhibition, at the latter showing works inspired by Van Gogh’s interiors.  SALA 2020 at Art Images Gallery was a success once again.

During February 2020, Elisabeth was the Artist in Residence at the Burnside Council. 

Elisabeth is currently represented by Art Images Gallery at Norwood, in Adelaide, South Australia.  She regularly sends work interstate, particularly to NSW, most recently to the Moree Gallery.

Elisabeth at the opening of Still Amazing SALA exhibition at Art Images Gallery 2018

Elisabeth at the Opening of Arty Party at Art Images Gallery November 2018

This is Elisabeth (centre) at the Opening of her solo exhibition Urban Blooms August 2018 with Megan and Michelle from Duthy Street Art Supplies