I am basing the list on the materials I purchase from Art to Art on Glen Osmond Road at Parkside. 

The materials cost between 150 and $200 but be aware you can used acrylics and other materials like brushes you already have at home. Instead of a palate you can try an egg carton or a plastic tray the meatballs came in, once cleaned! Canvas boards are a lot cheaper than canvas on the frame.



Willow Charcoal:4,95 or this one as mont marte one currently out of stock $9.95

Grey Gum Eraser:$2.50


– Monte-Marte DIMENSION – the cost is 6 for $5.33 and I have included 18 so the discount is applied.

Titanium White, Naples Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Deep, Brilliant Red, Magenta, Violet, Ultramarine, Pthalo Blue, Turquoise, Emerald Green, Terre Verte, Sap Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Neutral Grey, Paynes Grey.

Impasto Medium for Acrylics – Atelier heavy gel gloss 500ml – $21.95


Use brushes you already have. A cheaper set than those below:

If you need to purchase, these are good:

Princeton 9700 Snap Bristle Filbert: Numbers SIZES 2, 4, and 6

Princeton Refine Interlocked Hog Bristle Filbert SIZE 2, 4, and 6


Palate  Plastic Palate with wells for water


Canvas Board is fine OR Wrapped / Stretched canvas good.  K2 and Titian are both v good.   Small to medium canvas eg the following sizes:

*20 x 20 inch / 50 x 50

18 x 18 inch / 45 x 45 cm

20 x 24 inch / 50 x 60

24 x 24 inch / 60 x 60

Other materials needed 

paper, (use what you have at home eg A4), lead pencils, paper towel, rags, paper towel or baby wipes, an old cup for water, a thick piece of cardboard A4 or A3 size approx


Borrow an easel or buy on marketplace. Table easel is fine. Recipe holder from the kitchen? Adelaide peeps I can lend one or two out.  

Optional / Down the track


MontMarte Markers

Oil Pastels

Coloured Pencils: Prismacolour


Willow Charcoal 

Willow charcoal is fabulous for drawing.  Mont Marte has a pack with varying thicknesses. You can also buy it loose at many art shops if preferred. It is brittle and is used with a grey gum eraser. 


Use brushes you have to hand if you wish. Good to use what you have.  Do need to replace brushes eventually and few new ones are good to try something different. The first type mentioned in the list below are slightly cheaper than the second type. They are both good. 

Composition: I use hoghair brushes. Because if allows the brushstrokes to remain on the canvas. Use synthetic if you prefer. 

Shape: I use Filbert. Use flat if you prefer. Would be good to have at least one flat or filbert brush, a couple of sizes is best. 

A note on acrylics: 

There is far less distance between the cheaper and more expensive brands of acrylics than there is with oils. There are more brands of good quality acrylics around than oils.  So acrylics are v good in this regard. I choose to use Monte Marte Dimension and Derivan Matisse for my under-paintings, they are great acrylics for underpainting, low cost and are good. If you have some already, use them for the course, just check you’ve got a enough colours.  Officeworks have some interesting acrylics: J Burrows. They are not bad but not as good as Monte Marte, have some nice colours that you can us straight from the tube. 

If I was a professional acrylic painter, I would probably use Monte Marte for under-painting and Golden for the main layer.  Golden is a professional range – its very thick and vibrant, and the choice of colours is amazing. 

Optional Items

These are fun if you want to practice drawing without pressure, not necessary for the course but a lot of fun.  You may wish to try them down the track. Sometimes you need to try a few packs before you get really good ones, these are the ones I think are v good.