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A very big welcome!!

This is my first post since I published my website.

Since then, my art practice has ramped up a few notches.  It has been a very exciting and productive time for me.  I have taken a couple of opportunities which have arisen.

First, There was an opportunity to participate in a SALA exhibition:

Adelaide Hills Point of View – Artwork inspired by your perspective of the Adelaide Hills.

My entry, an oil painting entitled Camellia, 76 x 76 cm, is inspired by winter trips to the Mt Lofty Botanic Garden with my then finance, Simon.  All rugged up and in love, with lots of camellias, everywhere.  This painting was completed in late 2014.  The exhibition is in its 2nd year, and apparently it was very popular in its 1st year. So it is going ahead next week, as part of the SALA festival.

Camellia, oil on canvas, Elisabeth Howlett, 2014
Detail Camellia, oil on canvas, Elisabeth Howlett, 2014

Secondly, I was invited to exhibit 4 paintings in the upcoming annual Loreto springART exhibition.

Loreto SpringART

So that I have new works on display for this exhibition, I have been very busy painting, painting painting!  I have just finished 2 significant paintings, and they are both drying on my studio walls, as close as possible to the air conditioning vent.  They will be framed soon.  The other 2 paintings are framed and ready to go.

Poppies and Sweet Peas, oil on canvas board, Elisabeth Howlett, 2015
Detail Poppies and Sweet Peas, oil on canvas board, Elisabeth Howlett, 2015

This is the first time I have painted to a deadline.  At first it was quite scary, Aggghhh!  But after a couple of days I was well and truly into it, and it was exhilarating!  I am planning on continuing the new pace, and have many new paintings planned.  For example, I will be doing more spatula paintings in the style of Poppies and Sweet Peas (photo above).

The works in both exhibitions are all for sale.  Please don’t feint with shock at the prices!  I will be posting shortly on the joys and challenges of pricing artwork, based on another painting I have recently finished.  This will touch on the options for accessible and affordable artwork to beautify any wall.

I will be sharing updates from Loreto SpringART on my Facebook page, and I will be providing links to exhibition details on my website.



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