Living with Original Art

My first painting this year was a portrait of my brother, Timothy. I had the painting on the go for a year, and finished it during my January holidays. My dear brother passed away 4 years ago of a physical illness none of us knew he had, including himself. So I lost my only brother. But he has been a companion in my studio for some time. Now that the painting is at my parents (it was their 45th wedding anniversary recently), I am keenly missing the painting, as it was a constant reminder of him.  So I’ve found living with original artwork both enriching and endearing, and very meaningful.

Timothy, oil on canvas board, 2016
Timothy, oil on canvas board, 2016

“Put some art on it”

As many of you know, I had been painting for several years prior to my first exhibition in oils last year. As such, I have been surrounded with original art for several years.  I put it up there with vanilla bean icecream or a lazy sunday afternoon [painting] on the beach, or falling into bed exhausted to be enveloped by clean sheets.  I was so delighted to be invited to Loreto Spring Art 2015. I was able to emerge from my studio and bring some of my paintings with me! I have been building on that momentum. I am looking forward to exhibiting with Loreto again this year, and I am pursuing some further opportunities.

My point is that original art doesn’t just make me happy, it grows on me, and its an integral part of my home.  The sight of a blank wall where a painting used to reside is a very sorry site/sight indeed. It is bare and depressing. This happens in our house every time I send a painting off to be reproduced by my image specialists (there have been children in tears at the gap on their bedroom wall), or during horror-filled activities such as moving house, or when a painting is sold.

So if a wall is blank, my motto is “put some art on it“.

Dianne's Bouquet, oil on canvas, Elisabeth Howlett, 2010
Dianne’s Bouquet, oil on canvas, Elisabeth Howlett, 2010

Art for Everyone!

Over the next 6 months I will be rolling out a significant number of products onto my online store, located here on my website. I will be releasing my original paintings, and my collection of giclee prints / fine art prints will also go online.  The first original painting and matching giclee print are almost ready to go, both equipped with promotion videos. I am very much looking forward to having my shop alive and operational.My first painting will be going up very soon!

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